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23 June 2012


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Jeanette Pecenicic

WOW !!!!! Congrats Carolyn and Shelly. Good things always come to those that wait. I'm so very pleased for you both. And this all happened while I'm away. I missed out on all the excitement, bugger.


I'll make sure you are kept up to date Jeanette - it looks pretty good where you are too. Enjoy the relative warmth!

Ann-Maree Riley

This is excellent news..the cream always rises to the top! Congratulations!!


OMG that is so exciting for Carolyn......wonderful news and I will be getting the book for sure........


Wow, amazing and well deserved success. Lots of us will be waiting for your book!


That is so nice to hear. Congratulations to you :)

Deb R

Congratulations!!!! about time too, you deserve lots of success!!! Thank you for bringing your wares to the Sydney Quilt Show this year!!!


Huge congratulations. Pease keep us up to date willall that is happening xx

Kate Knight

Wonderful news for Carolyn. I wish her every success with the book. It was such a pleasure to meet at the Sydney Quilt Show and "compare notes" on Jane Pizar's glorious quilt.


Well done, you deserve it! I have long admired your work and I wish you every success. You create beautiful, tasteful and timeless quilts. Congratulations!

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